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Fellowship of Hope Church (FHC) is continually committed to conduct our annual Pastors and Leaders conference in this year with our fabulous partner from Perth Bible College (PBC). The conference was held from 10th till 15th July 2017, which located in Siem Reap at the Dara Reang Sey Hotel. The first day had arrived, all pastors and church leaders were enthusiastic and gathered together by catching the 2 buses ahead to Siem Reap which has a breathtaking world heritage site known as AngKor Wat Temple, as they spent approximately 6 hours on the jounery. Significantly, there were 110 pastors and leaders who took place the conference for this year.



The theme of the conference was ‘‘Serving with Integrity’’, likewise the Godly servants have to loyally serve and illustrate God’s willing with love and honor to others, by not determining about race, color, religion, sexism and nationality…etc. Moreover, the young leaders are motivated to involve more by the following tracks which paved the way by elder pastors. Particularly, there were 2 sessions in a day at the morning and the evening, the first session at the morning was divided by 2 phases, there was a teaching session which followed by groups’ discussion, and then four different workshops after the break-time. And in the evening, there also was other teaching session. Interestingly, there were a great spirit of worship and unity in the place and everyone was challenged to draw closer in order to work much more effectively for the kingdom of God before each session was begun.








During the conference, the three senior pastors from FHC’s “mother church” conducted a 2km marathon along with 35 participants from the conference joined, as they want to raise money for building the mother church building in Phnom Penh which locate in Takmao. As all participants had to pay $2.50 each for church building fund. When this building is completed, FHC would not need to rent the existing church facility.




All the pastors and leaders of Fellowship of Hope Churches in Cambodia would like to say thank you abundantly to the team of Perth Bible college for taking the time and energy to spend a few weeks in fellowship with us and teaching us more about God and His words, therefore we can grow together and serve him with integrity for the sake of God’s kingdom. We would equally say thanks to all those have supported the conference through financial support and faithful prayers.




Without you, the conference would not have been a success in the life of FHC in Cambodia. We say thank you again for supporting us in our 8th conference together. We hope this report encouraged you and illustrate how your faithful prayers and financial support are strengthening the Fellowship of Hope Churches in order for them to be the salt and light in their communities.

by Nineaka Sim, Hong Kim and Pastor Savuth Ros (Fellowship of Hope Church)

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In 2006, Fellowship of Hope Church was created under the direction of three pastors. Since then, they have been harmonizing and managing the ministry to see the Gospel brought throughout Cambodia.  At the beginning, the church met at one of the pastors’ sister’s empty house. After a few years, we had the opportunity to rent the building where now meet. That was made possible with the help of Bunhour’s family from the United States who has been sponsoring our rent until now. These same people are now in Cambodia visiting and helping us to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

God has called us to share the gospel to unreached and has faithfully increased our work, not only in our church in Phnom Penh, but in other provinces of Cambodia as well, with over 65 churches in our network. We continually reach people that have never heard about Jesus. Our role as servants of Christ is to share His good news and His miracles everywhere. Every year, all of our leaders from around the country meet together in one place for a training conference supported by Perth Bible College, teaching them, encouraging them in their faith and trials, showing them how to be better leaders especially in times of difficulty, and creating and reinforcing relationship among us.


Two or three times a year, we also organise another seminar for pastors and leaders of Fellowship of Hope Churches, supported by our brothers and sisters overseas. It helps them mature and grow in their faith, and further enable them to teach their own congregations. It is a time when they can also have relationships and fellowship with other pastors, through discussions, sharing meals or playing games. There is a session of questions and answers, when the leaders and pastors speak about difficulties they are facing, receive the appropriate solutions, and pray together as we know that God is bigger than any problems.


All the difficulties that our pastors or congregations face reminds us of how we are spread out across a large distance. With some problems we can not always help them physically, but we know that there is someone who can help us in everything that is Jesus Christ. As one family in Christ we have supported each other in prayer, this is what we ought to do when someone needs His help, and the Lord Jesus Christ He cares very much.


The past 10 years has been a testimony of God’s faithfulness and power as He builds His kingdom through us in Cambodia.

by Srey Lin Thol (FHC church assistant)



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Update News of Church Land

The Fellowship of Hope Church has decided to buy a size of land 17.50m x 20m the cost is USD$30,100 in Phnom Penh. The congregation have sharing the offering together and also our sister churches across the country had gave some as well, more than that we have one family in US, Khmer American pastor and family live in Florida gave us some support and our brothers and sisters overseas had gave some offering too. Praise the Lord, on the 25th October 2014 it was the last day that we need to pay the rest of the money to land owner, but we didn’t have enough money to pay that. However, we loan some money from other people without interest to pay in that day, then we committed to pay back to that family in December.

Please keep this in your  prayer that we still need USD$15,000 to pay back the loan by end of December 2014. We hope that God will provide for us and we will appreciate your prayers in this area. By owning our own land for the church we will save very much money every month, by not paying the high rent and can use that money for God’s ministry in Cambodia.

May the Lord bless you and keep you all peaceful.

by Ros Savuth (Pastor at Fellowship of Hope Church)

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Light of Hope update

These children started their lives in the same way as the students from TLC and HOH. The other centres have developed so much over the years, and this year our second group of TLC students will graduate from high school and start university (something that most Cambodians can’t even dream of doing, especially from poor villages and the slums). So it is good to remind ourselves how far we have come, and how much we can make a difference to the lives of the children at the younger Light of Hope centre.


Today we would like to show you some of the regular activities of the students at LOH education centre. Even though we don’t have enough sponsored children yet to hire a full team of teachers, other Serve Cambodia staff have been taking turns to help out along with the 2 full time teachers at LOH and ongoing input from Pastor Savuth. The children have been receiving healthy nutritional food for lunch during the week, regular lessons including English, Khmer, art and crafts, music and regular head lice treatments.



The students were also blessed to receive a visit recently from a team from Malaysia , as well as a few teams from around Australia. They were able to assist with teaching the students and to give them gifts of  food and supplies for the education centre.



When Light of Hope first started, classes were held in the local pastor’s house. They then moved to a neighbour’s empty farm shed for a while, before being blessed with the provision of the current purpose built wooden building which has room for all of the desks, chairs and learning supplies. At this time we are looking for more sponsors for these students so that we can afford the ongoing running costs of building a new centre for them to learn in cooler and more comfortable conditions. Fundraising for the construction costs is going very well so far, but as with any project it is equally important that the ongoing running expenses can be covered into the future. So your help would be greatly appreciated if you know of anyone who might be interested in sponsoring one of the Light of Hope children. Their futures keep getting brighter and brighter thanks to the support of people like you.

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You can contact us at enquiries@fellowshipofhope.net or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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