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In 2006, Fellowship of Hope Church was created under the direction of three pastors. Since then, they have been harmonizing and managing the ministry to see the Gospel brought throughout Cambodia.  At the beginning, the church met at one of the pastors’ sister’s empty house. After a few years, we had the opportunity to rent the building where now meet. That was made possible with the help of Bunhour’s family from the United States who has been sponsoring our rent until now. These same people are now in Cambodia visiting and helping us to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

God has called us to share the gospel to unreached and has faithfully increased our work, not only in our church in Phnom Penh, but in other provinces of Cambodia as well, with over 65 churches in our network. We continually reach people that have never heard about Jesus. Our role as servants of Christ is to share His good news and His miracles everywhere. Every year, all of our leaders from around the country meet together in one place for a training conference supported by Perth Bible College, teaching them, encouraging them in their faith and trials, showing them how to be better leaders especially in times of difficulty, and creating and reinforcing relationship among us.


Two or three times a year, we also organise another seminar for pastors and leaders of Fellowship of Hope Churches, supported by our brothers and sisters overseas. It helps them mature and grow in their faith, and further enable them to teach their own congregations. It is a time when they can also have relationships and fellowship with other pastors, through discussions, sharing meals or playing games. There is a session of questions and answers, when the leaders and pastors speak about difficulties they are facing, receive the appropriate solutions, and pray together as we know that God is bigger than any problems.


All the difficulties that our pastors or congregations face reminds us of how we are spread out across a large distance. With some problems we can not always help them physically, but we know that there is someone who can help us in everything that is Jesus Christ. As one family in Christ we have supported each other in prayer, this is what we ought to do when someone needs His help, and the Lord Jesus Christ He cares very much.


The past 10 years has been a testimony of God’s faithfulness and power as He builds His kingdom through us in Cambodia.

by Srey Lin Thol (FHC church assistant)



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July 1-5 this year was the week for the 4th Pastors Conference for the leaders of the Fellowship of Hope (FOH) churches in Cambodia. Since 2010 Perth Bible College (PBC) together with the FOH churches have conducted an annual pastors conference focussed on building up the leaders in their faith and ministry. This is the only time each year that the leaders of all FOH churches are able to meet.

This year the conference was held at the beachside city of Sihanoukville and included a larger number of youth leaders. In all over 150 leaders together with the PBC team of 15 attended. For many it was their first conference for others it was the first time to see the sea.

The main conference sessions focussed on the book of Ephesians and were led by Mr David Smith (PBC Principal) and Mr Adam Niven (PBC Lecturer). The sessions were entitled:

* Blessed In Christ

* Life in Christ

* Together in Christ

* Growing in Christ

* Living in Christ

Each main session was followed by discussion time facilitated by the Cambodian leaders. Topical workshops were also conducted by members of the PBC team as well as FOH church leaders. These workshops included topics such as “How to do a devotion”, How to share your faith”, “Restorative Justice” and “Living the Christian Life”.

Each afternoon was a mixture of community building and fierce team competition where each workshop group transformed for battle in beachside games. The evening sessions of Worship and teaching were taken by the FOH Senior Pastors, Sara San, Ros Savuth, So Vuthy.  Other highlights included the presentation by Mr Clifton Smith of sets of Khmer commentaries to 20 pastors and the baptism of 12 people in an afternoon seaside celebration.  The final night was a wonderful time of celebration which included the cap and gown PBC Graduation of Shevaun Rowsell (who had missed her Perth ceremony), the presentation of certificates for all participants, and the announcement of the team competition winner – blue group.

Through this work the churches are strengthened, the community of believers is encouraged – knowing they are part of a bigger picture of God at work across their country, and the next generation of youth is able to hear the call on their lives to stand and be counted – to lead their people into the future for Christ.

We want to thank all who have financially and prayerfully supported this vital and ongoing work for God’s glory. Below is a thank you letter to all who supported the conference – please click on it so see a larger copy.

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Showing Love to the Community

Near Harvest of Hope education centre in the Prey Sor area, there are many poor families and the staff of Serve Cambodia are keen to help these families in any way they can.

There are some poor families who have been squatting in an old disused centre. The centre was once set up by an overseas organisation to help people with HIV but it seems the organisation ran out of money and left the area quite a few years ago. So Serve Cambodia has stepped in and will assist in relocating these families to new homes nearby.

The local government appreciates and respects the work that Serve Cambodia is doing in the area to care for the poor, so they have asked Serve Cambodia to help refurbish the old HIV centre and give it a new purpose to benefit the local community further. How it will be used hasn’t yet been determined but consultation with the local community is taking place as the first step.

Meanwhile, while the relocation is taking place Serve Cambodia’s staff are showing God’s love to the families by sharing food with them, building relationships with them and learning more about their needs. Thankyou to the donors who help us to give this practical help to people in need.

Please pray that God will grant wisdom to the Board of Serve Cambodia. They want this project to be well planned, meet the needs of the community and fit well alongside the existing projects that are already running.

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Pastors’ Training Conference 2013

In July last year, we held our third training conference for all of the pastors serving around Cambodia under the Fellowship of Hope banner, plus pastors from some of our sister churches as well. Click here to read all about it, and to see some photos of the pastors and ministry leaders gathered together. Each year these conferences have seen noticeable growth in the unity, confidence, maturity and knowledge of our pastors and youth leaders.

In late June / early July this year we will be holding our 4th Pastors Training Conference in Sihanoukville, bringing together ministry leaders from more than 53 Fellowship of Hope congregations. Once again our friends from Perth Bible College will be organising this conference with us, and will be sending a team to provide teaching and training for our pastors and leaders. Please read the conference information below (you can click to enlarge), and we would greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support to make this planned conference a reality.

Please pray that God uses this conference to further strengthen, equip and unite our growing team of pastors in their service of our Lord Jesus. If you are able to help towards the cost of running the conference, then please send your donations directly to Perth Bible College. And if you would like to spread the word among your own congregation, then please email them a link to our website or to our new Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/ServeCambodiaFellowshipOfHope).

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You can contact us at enquiries@fellowshipofhope.net or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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