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Recent activity

Many teams have visited Fellowship of Hope and Serve Cambodia since Christmas, and there has been a lot of activity everywhere! Today we would like to share with you just a very small sample of some of the things that have happened over the last two months.

Lots of hard work has continued on building projects (more photos and information coming in a few days time!), and this includes some improvements and maintenance at Happy Village. The entire roof at Happy Village has been replaced as the old roof had started to leak. The dry season in Cambodia has now finished, and the rain will be increasing over the coming months – so the new watertight roof and improved drainage will be a huge blessing for all of the families. A fire extinguisher has also been installed inside the village for improved safety where everybody cooks their meals.

At Harvest of Hope, a wall has been added and window has been moved so that there is a new classroom space. This will be a quiet place where an extra class of students can study. Ventilation has also been improved for the staff and students at Harvest of Hope by adding 2 ‘whirlybirds’ in the roof. Those of you who have visited Cambodia will know just how hot and humid it can be, so we are very grateful for these small additions.

At the Fellowship of Hope congregations in the Bantey Meanchey province, a large number of water filters have been distributed. This will help prevent stomach bugs and other more serious illnesses arising from the use of dirty water for drinking and food preparation.

Serve Cambodia’s staff have also been participating in child protection training as part of their regular staff development program. It is so valuable to bring all of the staff together on a regular basis to improve their knowledge and skills.

So much is happening all the time! We praise God for all of the improvements and opportunities for our people here in Cambodia, and we would like to thank our generous supporters who have contributed their time, effort, money and prayers to help make these things possible. Thankyou!

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Visitors from Tasmania

It was a great joy and privilege to welcome Louise Ellings and her team back to Cambodia recently. Louise is from Tasmania and has been a faithful friend to us for a long time. She always enjoys introducing us to many new friends and supporters and this trip was no exception. The team had a packed schedule, and as always were very generous and great fun to spend time with.

The team shared the gospel with many people, through teaching and playing games – and we praise God that many people came to know Jesus as their Saviour during this time! They were also able to show God’s love through providing medical treatment in ten villages, including taking people to hospital for many different health needs, and providing funding for operations and wheelchairs.

As a quick answer to our prayers they also provided desks, chairs and teaching supplies for Harvest of Hope education centre. The children were very excited, and wanted to use them straight away! These gifts are such a huge blessing from God, and they will be a big help as we educate the children in this new centre.

The team didn’t stop there – they did many more things like rebuilding houses, improving sewage systems, providing water tanks, water filters, hygiene packs, delousing treatment, baby formula, rice, clothes, dental care, more desks and a display cabinet. They even painted toilets and organised for new windows to be added at TLC! Many people in the team made commitments to provide ongoing support to the church and Serve Cambodia, and many are excited about returning in the future.

Louise also had “the most wonderful birthday at TLC, one I will cherish forever… then with friends on the Mekong later that evening, amazing food and 70 & 80′s birthday songs blaring out for 2 hours!”

As you can imagine, Louise says “the team came back absolutely exhausted!” but she says they were also “absolutely amazed at the wonderful experiences and joys they shared with so many Cambodians… everyone unanimously agreed that it was such a blessing to them to be able to bless others. So many lessons learned, so much love given and received.”

We are always encouraged to see how visits like this bring joy to those giving and to those receiving. Louise will be returning any day now with a team of Tasmanian high school kids, so please pray that she will be blessed with lots of energy and good health.

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Back in May we first introduced you to the new slum community we have been working with in Preak Pra. We have been demonstrating the love of Christ to the people of this slum through practical help like distributing water filters, bringing medicine, washing the children’s hair with lice shampoo, and building a new toilet for the community (with some help from the local kids) when the old one ‘broke.’

We have also been sharing the good news of Jesus with these people, and have seen nearly the whole population of the slum give their lives to the Lord in a very short space of time.

A few months down the road, and we are running regular cell group meetings in the slum. This is such a valuable ministry opportunity as we seek to disciple our new brothers and sisters in Christ. Pastor Sara and Pastor Vuth provide teaching at the cell group meetings, and the people are so hungry to learn and discuss what it means to follow Jesus.

We would ask that you please keep our brothers and sisters from Preak Pra in your prayers. As young believers living in desperate poverty, they are still learning how to trust God for his provision and guidance. When a crisis strikes one of the families, it can be a strong temptation for them to turn back in fear to their old religious and superstitious beliefs.  We want to see their faith in the true God strengthened, so that they can rely on him no matter what challenges life throws in their path.

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Reaching out to the slums

TLC hasn’t been the only construction site in recent weeks. Fellowship of Hope and our supporters have been reaching out to a new slum this year, which at this stage is being referred to as “New Slum Community.” I know this name doesn’t seem to have taken much imagination to put together, but the outreach to this community has involved  much dedication from many people.

It all started with the building of relationships, after Sara was invited by a Christian lady living in the slum to come and visit. She wanted to see if he could do anything to help the community there, including running bible studies.

Then in January 2010, long time supporter Louise and her team from Tasmania delivered the life-changing gift of free water filters for each family in the New Slum Community. Poor water quality was often making these children and their parents sick, so the filters will greatly improve their standard of living.

Speaking of water and life-changing gifts…. during a visit to Cambodia by key supporter Bunhuor Lim a couple of months ago, practically all of the adults in the New Slum Community gave their lives to Christ! Praise God for this exciting news!

I promised you a story about a construction site, and here it is. This month Song, Sara, Reay and their team took time out from building at TLC to build a new toilet for the New Slum Community.

Even the local children wanted to help out.

Here is a message to everyone from Sara:

“Dear Friends, …we build the toilets for the poor people in the slum. They nearly 100 people living in that slum but only have one toilet and few day ago that toilet broke people not able to use that toilet anymore. Now I step by faith to build this toilet for them please pray for those people who need some help from you. Many blessing for you all. Best regard, Sara”

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You can contact us at enquiries@fellowshipofhope.net or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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