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The Serve Cambodia 10th Anniversary

Over the many years, our community development arm Serve Cambodia has been able to provide free teaching services to students whose families are poor and cannot afford to keep their children in school without support, and also other children whose families were relocated from slum areas into the new location that was called Happy Village. Even though this happened such a long time ago, but we do not forget about the time we started and the opening of our official Serve Cambodia Organization, it has now been ten years ago.


We have achieved a lot such as our student had finished their high school and were employ working so they can support them self and their family as well. Some of them have also since attended university and some have completed trade qualifications. The adults in Happy Village have been getting better with their earning income for their family, some of them starting to enlarge their own income by selling products from their home and this help them to get another small income while they are at home, along with the man that is working outside.

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We can see that they had been changed a lot if we compared when they were at the slum area. Now their life has been changed, they have safe shelter, job, transportation, children being educated, and are accepted in the society. Also from this assistance in their lives, some of the families have managed to save enough of their income to buy their own land and build their own simple house that they can live in independently now.

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In order to congratulate this, Serve Cambodia had recently hosted the 10th Anniversary of the Organization for the Memorandum of the day that started our organization till today. Staff and students from the three education centers, parents/guardians of the students, and the Happy Village Community had been coming to celebrate our event at TLC center.

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They all looked happy and can’t wait to see our program, not so long we start our program straight away.  We have also organized competitions, acting, music and singing contests. Time goes by, at the end of the program we had prepare meals and drinks for the audience. Our program is finished well, and the people are really excited and happy about remembering what Serve Cambodia had done in their lives.

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Many thanks to all the teachers, students and those who were involved that have prepared for this program. You all have been organizing, practicing to make this event running smoothly. A very special thanks to all of the supporters and donors that always support us since the day that we started Serve Cambodia Organization.

by Phanna Hun (Serve Cambodia Education Director)

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Serve Cambodia is operating three education centres in different areas in Cambodia. There are many students each year need to go through the big examination of year 12 or (High School) and in our country it is very difficult for anyone to pass this examination to be eligible for University. We have had a small group of year 12 students for this year, and some we had already supported to join Trade courses like mechanic or electrician before the end of the year. This year Serve Cambodia has 5 students whom finished the high school, so they were study very hard for the preparation of the big examination before the University. However, that’s the challenge to be encouraging all the children to working hard in all the study action and represented Serve Cambodia and their centres to gain success and achieve the good result. On the other hand even though the 5 students are from different backgrounds and lifestyles, and even though the system was changing by the Cambodian government, but the good thing is that all 5 of them went through the exam and the result was great that they all passed!!!


Anyways, this achievement of the student make the parents very proud of their kids and Serve Cambodia education centres, so even they are poor but the next generation will change their lifestyle in the better direction. Serve Cambodia has included them into the University and Trade scholarship program which we call the Work Skills and Education Project (WSEP). Recently we have the WSEP students meeting so the new 5 scholarship students were sharing their testimony and how they want to be in the future. Some of them want to have their own establishment and running a business, not only help themselves but they can employ or help other adolescents to get a job as well. More than this, a few students want to work in the government ministry to develop our own country to a better place. Most of the students are now working full time plus also study in the university at night time so please keep them in your prayer.


All of this couldn’t have occurred without your support, we’re so blessed to have all of you that have been funding us since we registered Serve Cambodia in 2010, and some people for even longer. Since then we have assisted many students to graduate from their tertiary courses and they can look after themselves well, and some of them are meeting the expense of their whole family. Also some of them are donating part of their income back to support the WSEP project for the future. We’re really looking to see our new generation to build up their capacity to make change in the world.


by “Sochea” Sy Chan (Serve Cambodia manager)

“Education. Learning as much as you can, as far as you can, as long as you can. Life’s not meant to be foolish.”

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Greeting to everyone! It is a great opportunity to unfold my brief testimony what God has done in my life.

First of all, my name is SAMDY, I am 21 years old. In the past I had lived in Koh Kong province with my parents, then I moved to live in Happy Village slum at the river side with my sister because of parents couldn’t be afford to feed me. Because of God’s provision, my sister knew Pastor Sara, in that time Pastor Sara quite often taught gospel to people there and later on in 2007, we relocated again to New Happy Village where near Tarsha’s Legacy Centre (TLC) through Pastor Sara and Serve Cambodia.


Since then, I had begun studying in TLC where I built up my capacities by studying hard and absorbing knowledge and experiences in my class. I had studied English, mathematic, craft, computer, sports and so on. Besides studying TLC, I also created relationship with many friends. Moreover, every Saturday we rode the bicycle to church and slept there till Sunday evening when we return to our home. Every Sunday morning, I felt very appreciated as I can worship God, knew Him as He is my savior therefore I decided to give my life to Him. Moreover, when I was in Church, I was trained and instructed the guitar by brother Balou for years, and now I am one of worship team and I can lead the worship God with other players. I am really thankful to God so much.


Lately, I had graduated from my high school, and I am being able to study in Sectec University, associate degree Managerial Information Technology. In particular, God blessed me to work in Serve Cambodia NGO as an administration assistant. It is my great privilege and opportunity that I can develop my life with skills and experiences. Additionally, I also help to teach kids in guitar class in TLC, they really love it so much. They are progressing very well.

Last but not least, I would like to Thank God for what he has done in my life, and I also thank for those who are surrounding me, that always supporting me and encouraging me. Without God and everyone maybe my life could be scattered in street.
Thank for your paying attention reading my testimony.
May God bless you all.

Samdy at SC goat farm

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Every year we can clearly see that God is providing and caring for us. He has always been faithful to his church, growing Fellowship of Hope’s congregations at a fast pace, sharing the love of Christ all around Cambodia. And also in the growth and development of Serve Cambodia as a young organisation building a brighter future for the poor of this country.

In 2012 we were so encouraged by everyone’s support of our fundraising goals. All of Serve Cambodia’s budget needs were met, and both TLC and HOH education centres were brought near to full sponsorship despite an increase in students from the Kian Klieng housing relocations. Many people around the country were also blessed through the ministry of Fellowship of Hope.

Here is an update on the 2013 Serve Cambodia fundraising goals, and we would appreciate your prayer and continued support in these areas:

* Of the most pressing need is the AUD$26,000 still needed before the end of this year to provide the ‘support services’ through Serve Cambodia that keep all of the projects like TLC, HOH, LOH and the community development projects running. These costs include staff wages and health insurance, development of the Light of Hope education centre, transportation costs, internet connections to enable us to communicate with everyone, public liability and building insurance, uniforms, community work in Happy Village and Prey Sor, family seminars, etc.

* Staff sponsorships for two project workers, two teachers, two cooks and two cleaners, which each cost AUD$150 per month.

* At Harvest of Hope the number of kids that still need sponsors is in single figures, and now we have begun to extend the sponsorship program to the Light of Hope centre, which will bring amazing blessing and opportunity to the nearly 100 students there.  These sponsorships cost AUD$40 per month. As happened with HOH last year, in 2013 we pray that LOH will reach a sustainable level of sponsorship by Christmas time. This will mean that the full educational, health and nutritional program can be up and running at LOH in the same way as the other 2 centres.

*AUD$2,400 for a staff training retreat that we hope to run this year. The aim of this is to not only improve our staff’s skills and teamwork, but to thank them for the incredible job they’ve done in the past year.

We give thanks to our God for his faithfulness in the past, and trust that he will do so again in the remainder of 2013. And we also want to thank you, for all of your love and support. Whether you have been praying, fundraising, raising awareness of our work or assisting financially, all of your love and care for the people of Cambodia is such a blessing. We really appreciate the part you have played so far, and ask that you please continue to support us this year in maintaining the work that has been started.

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