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Pastoral Training with Mission Direct

As for several years, Mission Direct has been sending short-term mission teams to Cambodia from the UK. Whether through teachers training or pastoral training, they have been a blessing to many lives in Cambodia both directly and indirectly for the glory of God along side Fellowship of Hope Church. This is in addition to the amazing work they do every year in supporting Serve Cambodia’s community development projects, through fundraising for and helping to build new facilities, homes and classrooms.

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Last year, a couple of pastors whose names are Bob and Mike (who were part of the Mission Direct team) conducted pastors’ training for a few days on the Book of Nehemiah. They returned again this year with two other pastors Clive and Dave and taught on the book of Acts. They covered topics such as Pastoral care, sin, the cross, baptism, and worship while teaching from the book of Acts.

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The training started on the 13th and finished on the 15th of February. Some of the pastors that were present were from the provinces and they brought some of their elders with them as well. Now they in turn are able to teach other pastors and elders across the rural areas of Cambodia with what they themselves have learned.

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The training was mutually beneficial as the local leaders learned from the team and the team learned how churches work in Cambodia, the victories and the challenges faced by local leaders, and the sacrifices made by people from poor communities who dedicate their lives to serve Christ. They will be discussing about further training for the future, but for this year the local Cambodian leaders have received much and will in turn teach others what they have learned.

by Worthy Williams (missionary serving with Fellowship of Hope Church)

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Fellowship Of Hope Church Cell Group

Fellowship of Hope Church always gathering together as a church every Sunday at 9 am at Beoung Toum Pun area, Phnom Penh. Besides the church service, we also have a several cell groups meeting at various homes, during the week or the weekend.

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One of the cell group meets in a school area every Thursday afternoon at 2pm. Pastor Savuth, Bong SreyPheap and I attend this group and are part of the speakers’ rotation along with Bong Davy and Bong Lai. Between six and nine workers and residents from the village attend the group.

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We also have other places of cell group as well such as in the slum areas, and in Happy Village 2 in Prey Sor (near the HOH education centre), etc.  We gathering together and shared the words of hope for them. More than that we also fellowship together and chatting after end of the session. We sing together, pray for each other, and give a short message of exhortation.

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I believe that each cell group is salt and light for the world, showing the life that we have in Jesus Christ, and illustrating the love of God for us.

by Worthy Williams (missionary serving with Fellowship of Hope Church)

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Life living in Rubbish Dump village

The Rubbish Dump village has 45 families who live around a rubbish dump, most of their jobs are scavenge at rubbish dump for plastic, copper and other recyclable materials that they can exchange for money and they can earn $4 per day.


So do you think that $4 per day is enough for make their living for 5 member in their family? Of course that it is not enough for them, to making their living even in poor conditions at least you need to have more than $7 per day. That’s why some of them tries to push their children must scavenge for recyclable materials every day and most kids to work alongside them to make enough income and provide the family’s needs… (rice, food, clean water & Renting room every month) while most of the kids don’t attend school.

If some day they can’t make enough money 3 time a day to buy food, they need to find food to eat from dump that some restaurant leave over at rubbish dump.

During Phcum Benh Day (Khmer Holiday) that is very difficult time for them to earn money to buy rice and food to feed their family, because buyers at the rubbish dump not available to buy from them for this time and they are need to wait till the Khmer Holiday is finished. Another problem they face with raining season, the area where they scavenge rubbish it very flooding in the raining season, so they need to walk in the bad water to scavenge the rubbish for exchange money to get food, that is how they earn money to make their living!

And we would like to thanks God for his blessed by the recent team from Mounty Church who visited Fellowship of Hope Church and Serve Cambodia and the Rubbish Dump village, and we have opportunity to sharing the word of God to them and we also knew that they face with hunger problem and the team want to bless them with a gift of rice, and we not forget to thanks to Louise Ellings and her team that provide them with well for all the villager to get clean water to drinking.


Please be keeping the people of this village in your prayers daily.
Thank you.
LOVE, Hope & Peace be with you.

by Worthy Williams (missionary serving with Fellowship of Hope Church)

together with Meng Oum (Serve Cambodia manager)

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In October 2015,  Fellowship of Hope Church  in cooperation with Peace Bridge NGO  from Phnom Penh left to Svay Rieng Province, for four days. The team was comprised of Pastor San Sara, Pastor Ros Savuth, Pastor So Vuthy, Som Oun (a trainer from Peace Bridge NGO) and Worthy Williams, a missionary under the leadership of Fellowship of Hope Church leaders.

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The purpose of the trip was to train the local pastors and leaders in running a course about non-violent communication and reconciliation, led mainly by Pastor Vuthy and Som Oun. They arrived on a Monday afternoon, stayed at the pastor’s house, whose church hosted the training program. and had a time of fellowship with two local pastors, Pastor Chan Thon and Pastor Sambath and his family. The next day, the training program began with over 20 pastors and leaders present from that area of Cambodia. The team was introduced, an overview of the program was presented, and expectations explained.

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This training was included with questionnaire on conflicts was distributed and participants had to answer how they would react in certain situations. It was a set up point to teach on the principles of non-violent communication and reconciliation. After each set of principles was taught, the participants were divided into groups to further discuss what they had learned. Each group then presented their conclusions. At the end of the training program, each participant filled the same original questionnaire, so Pastor Vuthy and Som Oun could evaluate how much had been learnt in the 3 days of sessions. Each participant received a certificate in recognition of the work and effort they had made to make this program a success. Pastor Savuth, Pastor Sara and Pastor Vuthy also conducted a bible study in the evening , in which they encouraged the pastors and leaders to continue to be an example and a light in their relationships within their churches and communities.

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The training program was not done only in this church, but it will be extended to another region churches across Cambodia. We hope that we still have more fund to conduct this training program, So please pray for this, and we also would like to say  Thank You so much  for Bastion Baptist Church & Peace Bridge NGO for making happened.

May God bless you all heaps.

by Worthy Williams & Hong Kim

Fellowship of Hope Church

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You can contact us at enquiries@fellowshipofhope.net or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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